The sun has risen As it glistens Through the trees like a prism I listen to the earth's rhythm The wind speaks to my instinct With the earth I'm in sync Sharpening the blade of a spade With the heart of a lion in combat Though I'm real slick The salt in the water help my scars heal quick 'Cause see, I mastered survival tactics And lasted weeks without sleep Hunting for prey in white rapids
Rather primitive
Who's that?
I'm stats, DAT's, money stacks, tax
Which language is that?
Modernity with a little tyranny
But I don't need chaos, I have peace and serenity
You won't find hell in me See psychoanalysts for therapy Come prosper and live plentily
My existence is heavenly
You were meant to be greater
Allow me to pray to my creator
Ni**a, you are the maker Life-giver and taker Take control, you should feel safer
But I don't even feel threatened
You need weapons And apparently a classroom so you can learn lessons
Don't let them fool ya, I'm here to school ya You need knowledge Open your eyes
You're terminal and senseless
I'm rational and actual Here, let me send a fax to you
But what is a fax?
Ah, curiosity killed the cat Swimming pool and mattress Plus a book of matches Credit cards and debit cards
Checks, cars, incredible odds, devil gods Laws, federal generals headed for Mars With medical cards Fixing mother nature's technical flaws
See, you learn quickly Now you're with me Move forward and never look back at history Focus on your omnipotence Teach your infants this Kiss the barcode on your wrist
All six senses are on point
Nah, I didn't forget it Utilizing earth I can mold dirt into flesh Summoning sandstorms On the highest mountain I'll stand on I'll make the skies cry fire rock Then ice will drop As winds spin Your spirit and soul ascends then
Now you can blend in Let's hit the city streets So we can get your feet accustomed to concrete Build a strong fleet of soldiers Tell 'em what I told ya We'll chill on the moon when we're older And thank God that this earth life is over Devour the sun and make the universe colder
Extol the master Spinning planets around my aura Like an orbit Set a mountain on a shore, twist my fingers And force mist into a tornado Raw fatal I make rain flow Draining clouds into a rainbow I master math Infused bionics with biology Police carry shotguns inside a robotic knee The impact of my psychology can atomically wipe out And devastate as soon as I meditate
So why don't you demonstrate?
I think that I might Drop a bomb on Nagasaki just because it's in sight
You've arrived
Leave the world
Human lives
Take flight
To fight
Attack tribes
This will be the legacy of you and I
Who's you?
It's just I All opposition must die
With deepest respect and gratitude to Mr. Lif and Insight
Iron Helix